Steel Structure Building

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  • Detailes Of Steel Structure Hangar

    Detailes Of Steel Structure Hangar

    Aircraft hangars are offen refered to as “dedicated garages” for aircraft.

    They can vary from simple “Masking” structures that protect all or part of the aircraft from elements to complex enviromental control and maintenance facilities in which robots apply radar-absorbing coatings.

    However, because the aircraft is designed for flight, it is necessary to minimize its maintenance time in the hangar and maximize the availability of flight.

    The armed force have developed the final design for the hangar facility to accommodate and maintainits aircraft.

  • Materials For Commercial & Industrial Building

    Materials For Commercial & Industrial Building

    1. Production job based on steel building drawing designed by our engineer.

    2. We also can make the products according to the drawing from customer.

    3. Quality control work goes through every step during production.

    4. Third Party Quality Check , customer on-site quality inspection and any other  reasonable inspection way, such as BV or SGS.

  • Detailes Of Steel Structure Poultry House

    Detailes Of Steel Structure Poultry House

    1. Different types and sizes according to customer’s demand: large or small, wide span, single span or multiple spans. The max span is 36m without middle column.

    2. Low cost and maintenance advantages.

    3. Fast construction and easy installation: time saving and labor saving, all the items are factory-made.

    4. Reduced construction waste, long using lifespan: up to 50 years.

    5. Nice appearance.

  • Detailes Of Steel Structure Warehouse

    Detailes Of Steel Structure Warehouse

    Derust grade: Ball blasting Sa 2.5 on main steel structure, manual derust St2.0 on secondary steel structure.

    Type of building: Portal frame is the usual type in the industrial workshop and warehouse shed. Other types also could be designed and manufacturer as per clients’ request.

    Others: environmental protection, green building house, energy saving, stable structure, High quake-proof, water proof and fire proof, and energy conserving.

  • Detailes Of Steel Structure Workshop

    Detailes Of Steel Structure Workshop

    We have professional and normalized design team of more than 20 engineers. Through AutoCAD, PKPM, 3D3S, Tekla Structures(X steel)and etc., we can design  complex steel structure buildings, such as: warehouse, workshop, poultry house, hangar, shopping mall, 4S car shop, commercial & industrial building. Professional working team have been the basemant for us to devote ourselves to build a world wide Brand”ZBGROUP”.

    Delivery:Usually, within 45-60 days after the order confirmed. It depends on the fabrication quantity.

    Int’l Trade team: We have six internatioanl trade businessman onlines 24 hours.

    Maintenance: Finish paint need be done after the frame installed, and do it again after 6-8 months. So the surface will stay more time.