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Qingdao Zhongbo Steel Construction Co., Ltd.

We are a specialized steel structure company from Shandong Province, China. Over ten years since established, we always focused on the steel structure building area and engaged in steel structure warehouse, workshop, industrial and commercial buildings. Products have been exported to Australia, the Philippines, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Romania, South Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Mauritius, Ghana, Tanzania and more than 30 countries.


In 2016, our company invented power coated steel sheet and  power coated steel purlin . This product is made of high-weather-resistant resin as raw material, modify and upgrade the corrosive weakness of traditional color-coated steel sheet, so that the product has the properties of long-term chemical corrosion resistance, super weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, wear-resistant and never delaminated. It has truly achieved the upgrading of the performance of color-coated steel products. At the same time, the technology has also been applied to building materials such as steel structural components, steel purlins, braces, casings, and purlin pallets.

To offer the superior service, we have six experienced international sales manager 24 hours online; Over 20 professional engineers to take care the designing; Over 300 workers to take care the manufacturing and our capacity are more than 2000 tons per month.

Our Goal


It is our goal to become an expert in anti-corrosion systems for high-end industrial building systems. 

Our Working Concept

our working concept

To improve the service life of building materials, reduce the number of replacements, ensure safe construction as our working concept.

Our Services


Provide customers with one-stop anti-corrosion building solutions from R&D to production.