Power Coated Steel Purlin

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  • Description of Power Coated Steel Purlin

    Description of Power Coated Steel Purlin

    Power coated steel purlin are made of galvanized purlins (C-section steel, Z-section steel) as the base material. After pressing, hole making, cutting and forming, epoxy resin powder is preheated at high temperature to be dipped and modified, and then processed by curing and other processes.

    The epoxy resin has excellent weather resistance. The epoxy resin layer completely isolates the contact between the metal and the air, avoids the oxidation and corrosion of iron, makes the purlins have super durability and avoids post-maintenance.

    Advanced technology and the scientific formula makes the purlin tough and wear-resistant, with strong adhesion and never delamination. The anti-corrosion layer will not crack or peel after bending.